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Perfumes Del Sol Sample Set

Perfumes Del Sol Sample Set

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The sunnier side of Chronotope’s Autotheory Issues collection of autobiographically inspired perfumes. Samples arrive in 1.75mL spray vials featuring a base that’s been hand-dipped in custom-colored enamel. And you’ll always receive 15% off a full bottle any time you order samples. This set features:

Buen Camino: a perfume about religious trauma, broken feet and blood poisoning—and the pilgrimage that caused some of that pain, yet also healed it all. Marked with the same shade of goldenrod yellow as the signposts that lead pilgrims along the Camino De Santiago de Compostela through Northern Spain. [Iberian lavender, dried immortelle, dust, grime, infections, bandage wraps, sweat, almond cake, spiced oranges, espresso.]

Playalinda: a perfume about memory enameled in calypso orange to approximate the hazy, dreamlike memory of a day in the past spent by the sea with a lover. [Sun-warmed peach, sand on warm skin, dirty hair, seaweed, smoked shells, vetiver, patchouli.]

Click here if you'd like to purchase the full Autotheory Issues Sample Set. If you’d like to purchase individual samples, please visit the perfumes' respective pages within the site by clicking on the perfumes’ names above. 


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