About Carter Weeks Maddox


Carter Weeks Maddox creates mixed media perfumes—and while his formulas usually end up leading with naturals, it's synthetics that he enjoys working with most. Carter received his MA in Critical Theory from Texas State University in 2012, where he wrote his thesis on manifestations of the chronotope within women's postwar life writing. And it's through this same lens that he practices perfumery. He began casually working with aromatic materials in 2009 and has been developing Chronotope since 2016. He is entirely self-trained and rejects the term "olfactive artist" (even thinks it's absurd). Carter lives in Florida with his geriatric shih tzu, Odo, and perfume organ.

Any questions, inquiries and more should be directed to: me@carterweeksmaddox.com

I so hope you enjoy the perfumes. —CWM

(Photo credit for Carter's pictures: Liv Jonsé.)