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I never conceived of Buen Camino EdP as an incense perfume during its development, and it contains no frankincense. But perhaps due to its Catholic inspiration, many, including one prolific Master Perfumer whose work you are likely already familiar with, read it as such. So when I finalized the Spite Perfumer’s Incense and set out to determine which other perfume concept would be a natural fit to make incense based on, Buen Camino was the obvious choice.
And this time, as Buen Camino Perfumer’s Incense Cones, it contains honey-colored carterii frankincense resin from Somaliland, Indonesian benzoin tearsstorax bark and ammoniacum. Generous amounts of fresh, new growth sandalwoodFrench lavender budsSpanish immortelle absolute and labdanum resin all work to soften the blend’s medicinal qualities, as do Indian patchouli leaves and vetiver roots. Scoops of orange peel powder, cinnamon bark and whole star anise are added for brightness, Japanese bay tree powder guarantees the cones burn evenly, and before I press the powder into cone wells, I dampen it just slightly with hinoki wood oil and carterii frankincense hydrosol.

Perfumer’s Incenses are available in packs of eight ziggurat-shaped cones. Each cone is 100% handmade from hand-curated all-natural materials, many of which arrive to Chronotope’s workshop straight from suppliers as intact and fresh as is possible. After preparing the materials for integration with others, I hand-grind them together in a molcajete and double-sift them before wetting the resulting powder with fragrant hydrosol and essential oil to make a thick paste, which I then hand-press into poplar wood molds that I designed and fabricated myself. The result is high-quality, artisan-crafted combustible cones that burn evenly for an average of ~25 minutes, leaving scents in their that linger wonderfully for hours afterward, even in large spaces. 

Please use caution and never burn cones atop flammable material like wood or fabric. Likewise, never leave a burning cone unattended—both for safety matters and so you can appreciate the end result of countless hours of labor that farmworkers and others along the supply chain contributed to these fantastic raw materials.

Also available: Spite Perfumer’s Incense, Perfumer’s Incense Duo Pack

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