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Effrontè et Evocateur Sample Set

Effrontè et Evocateur Sample Set

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Perfumes by Carter Weeks Maddox of Chronotope Perfume
Concepts & Creative Direction by Bryan Ergle of Well-Sewn

A set of three generously sized, 3mL samples including:

Champagne House Harvestfizzy champagne, rhododendron blossom, apricot, green cognac, davana, Bourbon rose, rocky soil, opopanax, salt, mignonette, charred oakwood

Virginia Tobacco Barnsunflower blossom, chamomile, cocoa, clary sage, warm hay, plum, Virginia cedar, tobacco leaf, oudh, Alaska cypress, myrrh, oakmoss

English Shoe FactoryEarl Grey tea, carrot seed, ajowain, galbanum, cypress leaf, rubber, oudh, saffron, leather, castoreum, choya nakh, labdanum, Himalaya cedar

To purchase individual samples, please visit the perfumes’ unique pages within this website by clicking on their names above.

About Effrontè et Evocateur: Roughly translated as “brash & evocative,” Effrontè et Evocateur, or 3E, is a new fragrance brand from creative director Bryan Ergle, founder of the lifestyle site Well-Sewn, with perfumes designed by Carter Weeks Maddox of Chronotope Perfume. 3E launches with the Evocative Images collection: perfumes that offer a window to a moment in time and space to provide an experience as unique as each of their wearers. From the ancient library at Alexandria to English factories, a rooftop garden in present-day New York City to the old-world magnificence of Prague, these are destination perfumes that provide thought-provoking journeys with every sniff. To learn more about Bryan & Well-Sewn, visit the Well-Sewn website.

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