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As I developed Spite EdP and learned how to manipulate green hojari frankincense oil for that perfume, it became clear I needed more familiarity with the source material, so I sought out a bit of raw green hojari frankincense resin. My delight upon sniffing the raw resin (which, yes, really is green) led to seeking out others I use in the perfume, like orris and vetiver roots. And shortly after finishing that perfume, I finalized the recipe for this incense.

Spite Perfumer’s Incense contains green hojari and black sacra frankincense tears, both from the Omani sultanate, sticky and stemmy Turkish galbanum resin, whole clove buds, pulverized Damask rose petals enhanced with a touch of Damask rose oil, cut and dried orris roots and artemesia leaves from France, Indian vetiver roots and patchouli, pulverized new growth sandalwood and Japanese bay tree powders, and Bulgarian rosa x alba hydrosol.

Perfumer’s Incenses are available in packs of eight ziggurat-shaped cones. Each cone is 100% handcrafted from painstakingly selected all-natural materials I have curated specifically for these incenses, many of which arrive to my workshop straight from suppliers as intact, unprocessed and fresh as I am able to obtain them. After processing the materials individually—by means of dehydration, freezing, sorting, and rendering—so that they are primed for integration with others, I then hand-grind them together in a molcajete and sift them—twice. The result is an incredibly fine, almost silky, aromatic powder that I wet slightly with a single fragrant hydrosol and a single essential oil (one pairing of hydrosol and oil per incense) to make a paste that I hand-press into moldforms I designed and fabricated myself using poplar wood. After ~36 hours in the moldforms, I remove the cones and allow them to dry for at least a full week before packaging them for purchase. This laborious production process results in high-quality, entirely artisan-crafted combustible incense cones that burn evenly for ~25-30 minutes as they distribute arrestingly beautiful scents throughout your indoor spaces which linger for hours afterward.”

Please use caution and never burn cones atop flammable material like wood or fabric. Likewise, never leave a burning cone unattended—both for safety matters and so you can appreciate the end result of countless hours of labor that farmworkers and others along the supply chain contributed to these fantastic raw materials.

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