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Special Releases Sample Set

Special Releases Sample Set

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Set of two 1.75mL sprays: Buen Camino Extrait de Parfum & Cucurrucucú Eau de Parfum. Neither of these perfumes are included in Chronotope’s permanent collections, for varying reasons: Cucurrucucú uses an exceedingly rare essential oil & was originally a bespoke fragrance, and Buen Camino Extrait de Parfum was specifically designed to be an offering primarily for legacy customers. But for now, both are available to all as samples and full bottles—and like other sample sets, this one comes with a checkout code for 15% off the purchase of one full bottle of your choice. Below are more notes about the perfumes:

Cucurrucucú EdP: a perfume for Mitchell & Hana, some of the best friends I’ve ever known, in celebration of their April Fool’s Day marriage. Named for one of the great huapangos, it was a complete delight to be a groomsman & perfumer for their ceremony. [Notes: copal negro, cade tar, moss, cedar, muskrat, orris, papyrus, pine, smoked hinoki, ink, angelica, saffron, & wormwood.]

Buen Camino Extrait de Parfum: a perfume about continuity & Chronotope’s first 100% all-natural perfume, it’s a slightly quieter, drier, more personal, & more liturgical expression of the original EdP that’s the same fragrance nonetheless—even though it repeats exactly zero materials from the original. As the Camino De Santiago’s signposts depict a conch shell to indicate that pilgrims take not just one road, but many, on their ways to the cathedral in Galicia, and as pilgrims know that their journeys don’t end precisely once they’re there, Chronotope’s depiction of that historic trail now reflects the same. [Notes: Cambodian oud, frereana frankincense, petitgrain, orange blossom, neroli, San candle, vanilla, hyrax, sandalwood, tonka bean, eucalyptus, & flouve.]

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