Set of Four 15mL Travel Bottles

Set of Four 15mL Travel Bottles

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The same set as before, now updated to four.

Chronotope’s perfumes were not made with the intention of being layered atop one another. But they do engage in thematic dialogue with each other—and customers frequently express interest in owning all of them. So here's a set of all four of Chronotope's first perfumes in gorgeously blown 15mL bottles, each thumbprinted in the same colored enamel as appears on the larger, 50mL size options:

  • Buen Camino, Chronotope's crowd favorite, is an astringent, medicinal lavender-and-immortelle fougère about injury and trauma and religion that explores the meaning of pilgrimage in service of healing.
  • Playalinda is an easy-wearing fruity floral-aquatic perfume full of salty osmanthus and smoked seashells and sand and jasmine and grapples with ideas about bodies, the sea, and memory. 
  • Spite Eau de Toilette is a wispy floral fragrance about selfishness and destruction that floods a single, beautiful Bulgarian rose away in a thick fog of orris, violet leaf, leather and scalded sugar to interrogate the limited narrative capacity our culture offers to rose.
  • Spite Eau de Parfum considers the spiteful impulse from a different angle—this time, as a productive force—via a green floral perfume featuring artichoke absolute, Iranian galbanum, chrysanthemum, nasturtium, green hojari frankincense and four unique rose materials. 

Any of these sizes of Chronotope's perfumes are also available for purchase solo on their respective pages within the site via the links included in the descriptions above.