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Introducing Formula Flights—sets of select raw materials, diluted to skin-safe levels but otherwise left wholly unadulterated, used in Chronotope's finished perfumes.*** For now, I'm kicking off this new offering with a Formula Flight corresponding with the newest fragrance: Spite Eau de Parfum.

Those customers who ordered a sample or bottle of Spite Eau de Parfum upon its release already have or will soon receive one half-milliliter of Bourbon Rose Absolute, the most predominate of the four rose materials I deploy in the perfume, as well as:
  1. Bourbon Rose Absolute
  2. Artichoke Absolute
  3. Corps Racine
  4. Methyl Diantilis
  5. Plai Essential Oil
  6. Green Sacra Frankincense Essential Oil
  7. Galbanol Natural Isolate
  8. Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute
  9. One sample of Spite Eau de Parfum*
Each of these eight raw materials will be delivered packed in a numbered sample vial containing approximately one half-milliter of isolated material diluted in perfumer's alcohol. You'll also receive a few small pipettes and paper scent strips for sniffing the materials without needing to apply them to skin, as well as access to join a chat with me via Zoom, which I am (re)scheduling to occur Saturday, the first of May, from 15:00–16:30. 

I intend to keep the chat casual and open-ended, and ideally I would like to answer your questions more than speak toward any particular "lesson" to have you walk away with. This is not a time for me to deliver some sort of structured lecture or (worse) "class" session, it is a chance for us to have a conversation. So instead, I'll simply lead attendees through a guided smelling of each material, offer a few comments about how it works within the finished product and what it was like to work with the material as I created the perfume, and field what will hopefully be many questions attendees may have along the way. As we move along, I'll also demonstrate how I create one of the major accords in the perfume using the materials and pipettes found in the Formula Flight, and attendees can blend it along with me. 

By mid-summer or fall, each of Chronotope's perfumes will have a Formula Flight on offer. At least for now, I plan to commit to making one and perhaps two Zoom chats available each month. And moving forward into the future I intend to make Formula Flights available the same day that any new perfumes are released.

Everyone is welcome to participate in what I hope will be an exciting and fun opportunity to bring you closer not just to my own creative practice, but (so much more importantly!) to the wonderful materials that I have the pleasure of working with each and every day as a perfumer.

*This offering is not expressly or implicitly intended to be educational. I am a perfumer, not a teacher. But if we shoot an arrow and it goes real high—if you engage in this experiential option with the intention of learning something new, and if as a result you in fact do walk away from the experience with new knowledge—hooray for you and me both! 

**Customers who have already ordered any size of Spite Eau de Parfum are entitled to a discount with the use of a code which, if used, will result in their charge for the Formula Flight dropping to $8, though packages will not contain a sample of Spite EdP. Codes will be delivered via email Monday, 12 April.

***All materials in the Formula Flights are diluted between .05% concentration in perfumer's alcohol and 2.5% concentration in perfumer's alcohol. While every one of these concentration levels are IFRA-compliant and skin-safe, it is an inherently different experience engaging with materials in isolation than it is to engage with them in a finished formula. By purchasing a Formula Flight, you agree to waive Chronotope LLC of any and all responsibility for outcomes incurred due to your use of the materials. Please use cautionary measures like skin patch tests or smelling the materials only on the supplied scent strips if you are prone to allergic reactions.