Chronotope Sample Set—VEGAN

Chronotope Sample Set—VEGAN

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Perfume is such a legitimately personal pursuit, I highly recommend trying out a sample set including all three of my perfumes before committing to a full-bottle purchase. On this page, you can purchase a set of all three vegan perfume samples for $35. If you'd like to purchase individual samples, please visit the perfumes' respective pages within the site. The sample set includes three 1.75mL fragrance spray vials with color-enameled bottoms:

Buen Camino: a perfume about pilgrimage, enameled in vivid yellow to signify the signposts which lead pilgrims along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. This vegan rendering of Buen Camino does not include civet paste, found in the original formula.

Playalinda: a perfume about memory, enameled in calypso orange to signify the perfume's soft-focus, peach by the sea. This vegan version of Playalinda does not include the castoreum that is found in the original formula.

Spite: a perfume about selfishness, enameled in mauve to signify the reserved yet reckless temperament of the perfume's namesake. Like Playalinda, this vegan version of Spite omits the castoreum found in the original formula. 

For a limited time, each sample set included a free 1mL sample of the Spite eau de parfum that is currently still in development. I am no longer including these in sample sets, and Spite EdP will be released in early 2021. Spite EdP will be available as a vegan-only perfume made with no animal products ever.