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Material things suffer materially.

Perfume is more than merely bottled ideas, memories, suggestions, atmospheres, moods. Yet so much of the talk that perfume lovers (myself included) generate about perfume can go on about the stuff as if it somehow isn’t a tangible, albeit liquid, object made of physical things that have been destroyed—uprooted, plucked, boiled down or otherwise reduced and then reconstituted upon being blended together. And like the already harmed plants that make up the juice of perfume, the bottles perfumes are kept in can also be (will someday certainly be) subject to destruction. 

Sometimes I’m who does it. Occasionally, in the studio, I clink bottles together while racking them and a corner chips off, or an enameled thumbprint on the face of one bottle scrapes just perfectly against another and pieces of the paint flake off. Sometimes an enamel thumbprint looks so wonky I giggle at it. And less often are times when I’ve filled a bottle just slightly too little and not noticed until I‘ve sealed it off—but it still happens. I’m human, and if humans are known for anything it’s for our tendency to produce flawed objects as much as near-perfect ones. (Nothing humans produce is ever truly perfect. We aren’t machines.)

In turn, these "uglies” become bottles I can no longer sell at full value, as they’re not cosmetically perfect enough for me to do so in good conscience. Yet the juice inside them remains pristine. So rather than toss them into a discard pile and consider them simply wasted, once a year or so I’ll offer them at a steep discount, up to 65% off standard asking price, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Again: the juice inside the bottles is the same as any bottle sold at full price—it’s merely the bottles themselves that, at the hand of chance and my own clumsiness or lack of precision, or sometimes even a combination of these factors, have been rendered imperfectly by their imperfect creator. But they’ll still spray just fine, and their contents, the same Chronotope perfume as is in any of the more-perfect bottles offered at full price, will still deliver full delight.