Some like true animalics in their perfume. Some don't. I do. But that doesn't mean you do, too. When I originally formulated Chronotope's offerings, I made them with civet paste (found in Buen Camino) and castoreum (found in Playalinda and Spite) per my personal tastes and the tastes of the audience I was aware of having: perfume collectors, vintage lovers and all-around diehard stans of the craft who generally do not mind an animalic material or two ending up in their products.

But my audience was much larger than I thought—so as a point of order I set myself an assignment, due ASAP, to develop vegan formulae to accommodate those who oppose the use of animal products in their perfume. So here they are! All three of Chronotope's offerings, with none of the animal products. 

For the time being, because of the additional materials, supplies and labor involved in this production, vegan products do come at a slight markup. However, I do not plan to keep this markup in place for the long-term. 

I hope you enjoy the perfumes! —CWM